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At the Asian Contest Finals, which ended on the evening of July 7, the LPL Division won three consecutive championships without a history, but lost to the LCK Division with a score of 1: 3 . After LCK won the Intercontinental Championship, Faker also completed a milestone in the League of Legends professional: the first player to complete the official Grand Slam (LCK League Champion, MSI Champion, S Champion, All-Star Champion, Intercontinental Champion) ).


So, why did LPL lose the LCK field this time? The reason for this was that after LCK won the championship, LCK's supervision revealed the truth in an interview. LCK Supervisor believes that the gap between LPL and LCK is not large, and the operational capability is quite the same. The gap lies in the speed of analysis and understanding of the new version and the gap in BP.


Speaking of BP, it seems to be an important reason for LPL to lose the game. Look at the first game in the finals, IG against KZ, in the face of KZ selected dead songs, the aircraft in the single, EZ Jiata After the combination of the MU, the last hand of IG turned out to be a crocodile instead of a hero who has the ability to open a group. After all, the hero of the sword can go on the road.


At the same time, the LPL team did not seem to be effective in dealing with the dead songs. For example, after the IG lost the game, when the JDG played against the DWG, the DWG once again locked the dead song and played wild, although in the hero. The prince was chosen above, but the prince did not effectively limit the development of the dead song, and the ox was also restrained by Xavier.


In this finals, the best performance is undoubtedly the FPX team, in which Doinb once again played for LPL in the Intercontinental, but unfortunately lost the team that can bring the fifth match against Doinb.